The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.
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i make the best gifs when im feeling shitty


Liza Feurtado

Workin’ on Honey Girl ~*~

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praise those days where you’re just glowing and your skin and makeup is cooperating with you. amen.




I look around and I see war and hate fought with war and hate…

My heart has just melted 😩💞

☺️😍she’s just a gem!

*gets a sugar daddy just to pay for textbooks*

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Codependency isn’t sexy. It isn’t romantic. It’s built with a fuse and will surely burn out. The healthiest thing you can say to the one you love is, “I would be okay without you, and that’s why I choose to stay.”
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Tie-dyed some onesies for baby girl 🌻 #diy #baby

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Claim her, love her, fuck her, spoil her, trust her.
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The Color Purple (1985)

Black tumblr girls  if we see each other in the streets, this is the song we sing.
So if I start serenading you in the deli aisle know it’s just Queen from tumblr.

Before she was Mary Jane’s mother, she will always be Suga Avery aka “You sure is ugly”

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