Gloria Richardson pushes a national guard bayonet out of her face during a 1963 civil rights protest in Maryland.


this the realest shit ive ever seen

fuck out my face with that

I want this blown up, &

she wit tha shits.

The ultimate “Bitch please.” Nice.

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Mali and Sahle .. She wants to read like her uncle ❤️❤️

If my melanin makes you uncomfortable..”

you’re weak and natural selection will come for you (via beautiful-ambition)

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Wanna smoke?
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Big Sur, California - Camping here was easily the most beautiful part of our road trip


I really like this picture.  Whenever we see pics of people doing black girls hair, there is always frowning and angry faces like its such a struggle.

Here the little girl is smiling and content while her mother(??) is gently and patiently tending to her hair.

It’s nice.

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Black women are expected to use our anger only in the service of other people’s salvation or learning.
Audre Lorde, The Uses of Anger (via eshusplayground)


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New favorite thing 🌱💕

Dear young Black men. Sag your pants if you want to. Wear super tight skinny jeans if you want to. Wear hoodies if you want to. Wear your long locks, your dashiki, cover yourself in tattoos - yes even on your face. Wear all white. It is not true that if we dress the way that whiteness determine is the most ‘professional’ that you will be granted more freedom, more jobs, better salaries or will it keep you out of prison. The prison is full of generations of Black men who never sagged their pants at all. Black men have never made more than .74 for every dollar a white man makes extending as far back to 1970, when it was .69 and I imagine these men were not sagging their pants either.

When white people went all the way to the African continent to get out of doing work (only to turn around and call us lazy after African enslaved people have literally done all the work) and they saw us as kings, queens, farmers, artists, weavers and we were also not sagging our pants, they still began a genocide whose effects persist even today. If that was all it took, just to dress like they say, or speak like they say and only when spoken to, then don’t you think our ancestors would have tried that? And in fact many of them did, tried very hard to meet all the standards that were established, assimilated into their schools, adopted their religion, speaking their language and we still are not free. Black men get shot and murdered in suits, and sweaters, black boys in tshirts and hoodies. The way that they dress has NOTHING to do with the war that has been declared on their bodies. I applaud every Black man trying to stay alive, saying fuck you to ‪#‎respectabilitypolitics‬ with your braidup tight and the ones who hold their own in a suit and those wearing long robes. I will always fight for your right to wear whatever you please, and to have the self-determination to make your own choices about your bodies.

Kim Katrin Milan, multidisciplinary artist, activist, consultant, facilitator and educator (via whitegirlsaintshit)

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I can be someone’s and still be my own.
Shel Silverstein   (via senyahearts)

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